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BOOT fetish

Tanker boots

The tanker boots arrived early. They are comfortable and might not require breaking in. They are pretty butch though. I don't look like a soldier in them but I don't exactly look feminine either. I'm a girly girl, so I have to try and get used to having big, floppy, butch boots on.

I'm going to return the Doc Martens as well as the Hot Topic boots. I'm also going to donate my other two pair of combat boots to a thrift store. I would say that these puppies cover all my combat boot needs and will work nicely for the cruise.


If I count correctly, that's a rather large number of combat boots for a girly girl ... unless you're the Imelda Marcos' long lost gothic daughter ;)
I have a large number of every kind of boot. Thus the boot fetish icon. :)
I have such a hard time even imagining you as anything other than amazingly feminine.
Funny, having been a tanker in the army, I never liked those boots. They were popular amongst the guys who didn't want to bother lacing their boots all the time. The straps on them tend to break after some wear and they tend to loosen up in the wrong places. I suppose for club wear that they'd be alright, but for looks, they don't hold a candle to the array of boots available specifically for clubbing.


Are my Favorite Boots, I've been wearing them for years, I've usually gotten mine at Surplus stores for a reasonable price...

BTW Good to see you at Pride, your were a lovely face to see in the side lines :-) Purrrs