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Girl who dances in a cage

proud and humbled

Today was an exciting day. asked to do an interview with me along with filming a few minutes of a class to put together a short piece for my profile on their website. I put the call out to students willing to come to a semi-private lesson and be filmed and got a nice group of girls from the level 2, 3 and even level 5 classes. The lesson was fabulous and we did new wallwork and floorwork as well as new pole tricks.

Originally they thought they could only find a man to come and film so I only recruited girls that agreed to this. But lucky for us, last minute, they found a woman on staff to come and film. So that really helped everyone relax and be as free and as sensual as they wanted to be.

At the end, my students and I all sat in a circle and they interviewed us. I was so moved to find out that their testimony confirmed they were getting everything out of my classes that I ever could have hoped for. They told TeachStreet about how the confidence they gained in classes carried over into their outside lives. They talked about the camaraderie and female bonding they get out of class. They talked about how once they started, they couldn't not come back for more classes. And best of all they talked about how I let them dance from a place in them that is truly expressive of their own sensual nature. I'm not teaching them sexy moves or how to try and be sexy, but how to peel away the layers of self consciousness and self judgment to express themselves in a way that reveals their innate sense of sensual movement.

It may be a couple weeks before they edit it and send me a finished version. I can't wait!
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