Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

The instructor gets some instruction

Early tomorrow morning I have 2 hours scheduled with a pole dance instructor that is visiting Seattle on vacation. She teaches pole instructors in California. I'm looking to improve my ability to teach inversions in the safest progression possible. A lot of students and a few instructors out there don't know this, but you can't just teach a student how to invert on the pole whenever they want to learn it. There are pole trick progressions that need to be learned and mastered first or students that don't have the proper muscle development yet can be injured by using muscles to invert that haven't been conditioned for those types of moves yet. It would be a lot like a couch potato that never exercises suddenly deciding to lift 160 pounds over their own head. You can imagine the kind of injuries they would be risking.

I'm also looking for some extra spotting techniques that will allow a tiny girl like me to provide physical support for girls of every shape and size as they go upside down on the pole. There are some secrets to this such as using my legs and shoulders as support rather than my arms.

I'm really excited! I can add her to my long list of qualified and experienced instructors that have contributed to my curriculum and my safety methods.

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