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photo meme

Stolen from vienna_la_rouge...

We all have pictures of ourselves in various states of being, which in general capture the essence of .. well..what we do.

So find the two most descriptive pictures of yourself and post them here. Then make it a MEME...post them on YOUR LJ for the world to see.

This one above was taken of me when I was working as a caged go-go dancer. I'm really the happiest and most fulfilled when I am performing, it is what makes me feel close to the Divine. Maybe you can see it in my face in this picture; how happy and empowered and magical I feel dancing in that cage.

This one above was taken of me standing on a beach in Hawaii (I know it looks sort of topless, but I'm wearing a bikini top I swear). I was there for a 10 day detox and spiritual retreat. So I think this picture reflects my spiritual side.



Kareoke at Missy B's in Kansas City

The lonely girl who sings her heart out in a bar. The girl who is always alone, even when surrounded by others. The girl who will never find happiness. Taken at "Missy B's" in Kansas City. Gawd I loved that dress...

Terrakian Warrior

The guardian. The protector. The AVENGER!

I have no pics of myself that are descriptive in this way, and won't until the world becomes more Star Wars-technological and I can have a spaceship.