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cat outline

I will never trust attorneys again

I left the new attorney a polite but threatening message on his voicemail today. I gave him until midnight tonight to call me or I told him I will file a complaint with the Bar Association tomorrow. Not that I have time to fill out that kind of paperwork. But he said it would be two weeks to write the contract and it has been 6 weeks. I would say a month late is more than generous before reporting him to the Bar. So I will just have to make the time somehow, even if it means sleeping less. When the move is finished I will also take him to small claims court to recover the $800 I paid him.


You could also consult the Attoryney General's office:

Perfect! Thank you!
Indeed. The AG gets people's attention. The bar is pretty serious stuff to attorneys, but also drop the "I'm contacting the Attorney General, too." in there and see if he doesn't start to dance a bit to prevent you from doing so. Those of us who also may have contracts written up in the future would love to know his name as one to avoid, honestly. Attorneys are up there with car salesmen and internet spammers, and it's good to find the decent ones, and twice as good to have a list of the worthless ones.