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cat in the snow

Should I book it?

I only have 3 days left to book excursions on the cruise in July. The dog sledding is almost completely sold out. Last chance. Should I do this??

I'm NOT a fan of nature. I love to look at it and admire it, not be out in it. I'm wondering if this is too nature like. And this excursion is a lot of money to spend on something I may not even remember a month later. What do you think, is this the adventure of a life time or a waste of money?

Is this...

The adventure of a life time.
A waste of money.


It sounds great - *if* you have the money to burn. Otherwise, there may be other options that offer superb vistas for a bit less money.

My rent is about to double starting in August, possibly more than double. I might as well spend the money now on something nice for myself while I can. I just don't know if I'll enjoy this enough to warrant the expense. I think I would have more fun using the money to fly to LA for a weekend of shopping at my favorite stores on Hollywood Blvd.
Although I'm not a huge nature fan, either, I still thought "hey, it's only 2.5 hours, so if anything about it sucks, it doesn't have time to suck that badly!"

It's also something out of the ordinary, which is why I would do it. I know we're talking about you, not me, but if you've never gone dogsledding around on Alaskan glaciers, you'll still have a great story to come back with, whether it sucked or was the most unexpectedly good time you had.

Agreed with Dr_nebula though - if it's money to burn, it could be fun. If it's an extra expense it does weigh harder for 3 hours with dogs and helicopters.

The ones I looked at were about $300 or less. $527 is definately out of my range for such a small amount of time.