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BOOT fetish

Do my feet just not like combat boots?

The Doc Martens I ordered came in a smaller size today and they still aren't that comfy. Everyone who wrote reviews of these boots said that they didn't even need breaking in because they were so comfortable. But to me they just feel bulky and stiff. Since they're leather, will they just break in and feel better later? I'm not sure if I should keep them or not. I need them for the cruise. But I don't want to end up blowing this kind of money on boots that don't feel good. I already have two other pairs of combat boots that don't feel right, that's why I ordered these new ones.


Combat boots take getting used too. They always feel heavier and clumsier than regular shoes but they are really nice once you get used to them.
Are you a 7 and a half? Cause I got Ben a pair of combatish boots and he doesn't like them. You're welcome to try them if you want. Might be at grind tonight
Yes I am. Ben's boots are a 7 1/2? That's so small for a guy.
They will break in...and you should look at alternate lacing possibilities to de-stiffen them.

http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/armylacing.htm being one example, and all the hacky sack laces.

(and don't get me started on his knot fetish.

I own his book: "Laces: 100s of ways to pimp your kicks" a gift from Ace my ACE, and I love it. Ikeep changing lacing styles and colors. Of course, with 20 pairs of chucks, this could be a full-time job.
They probably didn't mean to, but they lied. Doc Martens take forever to break in. At least in my experience.
Agreed. They need some sort of inner-shoe love because they mostly come plain and soul-less (that wasn't even supposed to be a play on words!) and they become comfy when they're very well worn in and flexy. I also finally got some proper insoles for them and that made the other half of the difference. I want another pair of Docs since my first are kind of goofed up from previous heel problems and they walk/stand funny. But they're finally comfy!
What size do you wear? I wear 6.5 - 7.5, depending on maker, and I've had lots of experience with boots... If they'd fit (ish) me, I'll offer to jam my feet in them and see if they feel odd to me or just "new".
I am a 7.5.
So about the same size as me then...