Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I'm sorry...

I had one very disappointed potential customer on the phone today. We have been playing phone tag for a couple days because she really wanted a pole party this Saturday. I left her a message yesterday letting her know that some one else really wants that spot on Saturday too and she needs to call me Wednesday (today) by noon if she wants it. She never called by noon. Two other girls called and e-mailed asking for last minute parties this Saturday. I called the girl back who wanted it first and left her ANOTHER voice mail saying I would hold the spot until 5:00pm.

She finally called me back late this evening and was devastated to find out I had sold the spot to some one else. Even though she had never put down a deposit for the party, she went ahead and made plans with her friends for it. They even made dinner reservations based on a time they thought would work best for the pole party they were going to book. She asked me to please cancel on one of the other parties I had booked on Saturday so they could have it, but I had to refuse. She said, "But I called first. I asked for that spot first." I didn't have the heart to tell her that in business, you can never turn away some one with cash in their hand for some one who claims they are going to pay you later for that same item. You would go broke if you did. Instead, I just told her that I couldn't keep turning people away when I couldn't get a hold of her in person. I tried. I really tried. I even referred her to my competition, hoping she could get a party somewhere else. But no one is going to book her on such short notice during the busy season. I wish she was the type to check her voicemail and return calls on time so the party could have been reserved for her. I really did not like to have to let her down like that.

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