Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Stripper 101 for people with brain disabilities

While everyone else is celebrating the end of school and the end of studying and the start of vacation, I need to buckle down and study tomorrow. You see because of my disability, I can't actually remember things I know or have learned. So I have to write things down or type them up and file them somewhere for when I need to remember. Then I pull the notes out and relearn as necessary.

Well the ladies only strip club tour is Friday night and I have to study and re-memorize everything I ever knew about strip clubs. And to do that, I make flash cards to help me study. Sooooo...

How much exotic dancers make on a good night or a slow night...goes on a flash card.

How much the dancers tip the dj, the doorman and the bartender...goes on a flash card.

How much an adult entertainer's license and business license costs in Seattle and how much an adult entertainer's license costs in Shoreline (yes, they are different)...goes on a flashcard.

For the next two to three days I will be retaking my own crash course on stripping, strip clubs, state laws, club policies, etc. Then I will give a kick ass club tour to 10 or so lucky women...and then forget everything I taught them.

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