Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I don't know how I'll manage it all but...

This is the second week in a row where I couldn't even walk after my massage. And given that there were two different massage therapists, I know the issue is me and not the massages. There is so much pent up stress going on that is pushed aside on a daily basis so I can work or take time off to not work that I think there must be some kind of build up in my body. Now when I get a massage, my body lets go of so much stress in such a short time that I turn into jello and can't even walk out of the office where I got the massage. It usually takes me a few minutes and some water before I can even get up out of a chair and attempt to walk to my car.

But it's good stress. Business is booming. I not only have two new instructors lined up to start training in July, but a possible 3rd one lined up to learn to teach level 2. I'm about to move into bigger and better digs for me and a bigger and nicer studio for my business (even if I don't know where they are yet). I still have some time to look for places if neither of these two that I'm thinking of works out. Tenant improvements like re-flooring and putting up poles seem like a nightmare, but at least I have the money saved to finance said nightmare. I have students who are excited with me for the move and ask me every week how the hunt for a new place is going. And bachelorette party bookings are at a high, and I have an instructor to help with the pole parties and a contracting instructor to help with the exotic dance parties.

Basically, life is really really stressful right now but for really really good reasons. I'm grateful.

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