Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage


Things really seem to be falling in to place with that $3,000 work/live space. I asked them to drop the rent from $3,400 to $3,000...and they did. I asked them to not add property tax (also known as triple net) and they did not. Today Quicksilver1 looked at the living space and, well, how can you NOT fall in love with a swank brand new place with a private deck in your bedroom with a view of Mount Ranier and downtown? The owner also showed us the fireplace that turns on and off instantly. He's willing to pay $400 a month toward rent and store his stuff there while he's on his tour of duty. Then we'll live together there when he gets back. SCORE! This means I not only get to keep him, but during the year he is gone, the living room will serve as a private lesson studio with 2 poles so that I can give private lessons while my instructors are teaching classes downstairs.

The drawback is that the studio downstairs STILL has no waiting area. There isn't even an area for girls to remove their shoes or hang their coates. It's a tight fit with 3 poles, but at least as not as tight as my current studio. For workshops, we can only fit about 8 yoga mats at a time. So workshops will have to be limited to only 8 students. Unfortunate as this cuts my income.

And I just thought of another slight drawback. One of the selling points was a having the bedroom separate from the office. But if the computer is in my office, how am I supposed to listen to music in my bedroom? My favorite radio station is only available on internet. I would need two computers so I can play music in separate rooms! How cheap can I get a crappy, used laptop so I can have a second computer in the bedroom just to play music?

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