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socks and cat

Two spaces to think about..

If you want to know how the space I looked at today turned out, you can click the cut and see pictures of it. It's a bit trashed, so obviously it needs fixing up. But the price and dimensions are right and the lack of windows is what I've been looking for. Maybe it would be worth investing the money for the improvements...

Here is what the space looks like when you walk in. That thing in the back is two sets of stairs leading to a small room. The guy I spoke to said it was a stage. But it won't be a stage unless I tear out the wall:

Here are the stairs I'm talking about:

Here is the little room the stairs lead to with one one window facing the outside. He might be right, maybe I can tear out that wall and make it a little stage:

The building has a main entrance out front, but I could use this back door as a little private side entrance for my students. It leads to a tiny area where they can wait if they are early. This is something no other space I've looked at has, a waiting area so they don't have to stand out in the cold and rain if they are early:

This is the main thing keeping me from leasing it. This ledge on the wall means we can't do wallwork on it. We need space for wallwork - it's a primary component of the class! I need to find a contractor that would give me an estimate of how much it would cost to tear out that ledge and take out the "stage" wall.

It has a shared bathroom down the hall. But the rest of the floor will most likely be rented out to businesses that occupy it during the day. My classes are weekends and evenings, so we'll probably have the restrooms to ourselves. Perhaps the tenants that move in to the floor with me would be willing to split the cost of a janitorial service to keep it clean. The rent includes a small office with a window looking into the dance studio. I could put a two way mirror thing in place of the window so I can check up on my classes without disturbing the students or instructor.

Here is the space I saw earlier this week on 45th in Wallingford, from the front:

From the back:

The owner is willing to tear out that kitchen unit and repaint the place. But there is no waiting area and the bathroom is tiny and ugly.

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Could you build a waiting space? All you'd need is a wall with a door; the wall wouldn't even have to go all the way to the ceiling.
Not without removing room we need for the poles. :(
The first space looks like the winner. It might be as cheap to keep the ledge and build a sturdy wall up as it would to tear it out. The 'stage' room could be multi-use with or without a wall.

That second place looks functional but just seems like it's smaller from the photos, and would be someplace you might outgrow vs. the first place. That's just my guts talkin', but The first set of photos seems like it could be a longer term gig if it is bigger in useable square feet. Or not as cramped for the same amount of students and poles.

Another motivation for removing that wall to the stage area is that it leads to a room where the ONLY window is. So if I put an air conditioner in that window, it would be a lot more likely to keep the entire room cool if a wall were not blocking the source of cold air.
I forgot about the A/C - yeah, you're going to need it, and a unit that fits there will give a nice direct stream into the room.