Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

How does this sound?

One of my classes next session will be watched and assisted by two new teacher trainees. I feel that I should let people know BEFORE they register that there will be trainees in there watching them and watching me teach. They have a right to know. But I also want to use it as a selling point so they will be not be discouraged from registering for that class. Here is the text I came up with for the registration announcement. How does it sound? Any suggestions for changes?

Pole for the Soul welcomes two new instructor trainees to our growing family! Those of you that register for the Monday evening intro class will experience an extra special class. Monday's class will be smaller than the others, with only 5 students. The class will be taught by Pole for the Soul's owner and primary instructor PLUS two teaching assistants (our new instructors in training).

Find out why women across the world are embracing pole dance as an empowering way to discover a new, inner self confidence while toning and strengthening their bodies. Scroll down for links to the July class schedule.

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