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Why I don't read, but bought books anyway...

Today I did a very un-CageKitten like thing. I went to the book store and purchased three books. As my learning disability has gotten worse over the years, I have mostly stopped reading books completely. With the way my brain impairment works, as soon as I put a book down, I pretty much forget most of what I read. So I can try to pick the book up a day or two later right where I bookmarked it, and be completely confused by what I'm reading because I have little to no memory of what I read prior to that point. I can remember who people or characters are, but not their names or what they have done up to that point in the book. So for me it's like always trying to pick up a brand new book and read it from the middle and trying to make sense of it that way. I'd rather not read at all than deal with that frustration.

But half the reason I'm taking that cruise to Alaska in July is because my favorite philosopher and author is giving workshops on the cruise. I'm just finishing his second book (yes, without remembering hardly any of what I'm reading). So I just purchased his third book as well as his latest book. Even if I finish both, I'm still not caught up. He's probably written 10 or more books. But it's a start. And I do lots of highlighting as I read. So even if I can't remember what's in the book, I know what to peruse if I want to try and get a refresher later.

The third book I picked up was Tori Spelling's new biography. I made a post sometime in the last two years about her situation but I can't find it now. But basically I'm confused by the predicament that she and Dean found themselves in. They fell in love as soon as they met, but were both married to other people. They faced a difficult decision of either leaving their spouses and devastating the lives of their spouses (and in Dean's case, of his adopted children as well) or staying with their spouses but being miserable because they were in love with some one else they could never be with. Until I heard their story, I thought you just stay with your spouse no matter what. But their situation fascinated me, mostly because I have never nor will ever be in that situation or have to make that decision. So I'm pleased that I can finally read about that situation from Tori's point of view instead of just hearing speculation by tabloids and people who know nothing about them.


I have a similar issue which makes being a student difficult. I write notes at the end of each chapter about what happened (like a mini-summary) and then I can go back and just read my notes. I sometime paraphrase each page, or even each paragraph, but for pleasure reading I think each chapter is sufficient.

Try it out...tell me what you think.

How do you do with audio books?
I'm listening to an audio series now. Pretty much the same. I'm like this in real life as well. Most of what people tell me is lost shortly after I leave their company.
Look at the bright side: you only have to buy a few good books and every time you pick them up you'll be surprised all over again.

Does this happen when you see movies also?
I forget most of the movie after the movie, yes. Also during the movie, I often have no idea what the characters names are. And if a character doesn't appear often enough, I forget their face. So when they show up in the movie half an hour later, I'm like, who the hell is that?
It occured to me on the flight home as I was powering through The Secular Conscious, and being annoyed by some of the repetition, that nearly all of the chapters are self-complete. You could open it to nearly any chapter in the book and read that chapter without having knowledge of any of the others and it would make sense. I thought of you. So, having now read the book, I'm recommending it to you, again.