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socks and cat

my day

Whole Foods had a fresh batch of sugar free blueberry pie today! I picked one up, along with some sugar free whip cream. After the 1/2 week I'v had already, I think I'm not even going to cut a slice. I'm just going to sit down with the entire pie and a fork and eat until I'm happy.

So the $85 hair cut is fine but I think what I was really paying for was the knowledge and experience. According to this guy, those expensive ceramic straightening irons really do damage your hair. Until now, I had believed all the hype about how the ceramic ones were safe. And all this time I thought my hair wouldn't grow long anymore because it keeps breaking off. But he showed me where in fact it simply won't grow anymore. Most of my hair grows to about my ears. Some grows longer than that and I keep trying to grow that part past my shoulders. But it looks too thin and scraggly because the majority of it just stops growing after a certain length. This is hard to accept considering how most of my life I've had long, gorgeous, thick wavy hair. But these things happen as we get older. I will just have to learn to live with shoulder length hair. And when I do want long hair, I have tons of clip in hair extensions including curls, dreads, pig tails, you name it. And the stylist was so sweet, he kept telling me I didn't need long hair to be pretty and that I'm beautiful just the way I am.


To be fair, all heated hair tools can damage your hair, but the ceramic ones damage it the least - so they are safer than other ones. Ceramic heats up more evenly (unlike the metal/gold ones that can get nasty hot spots that can easily burn your hair), and don't get as hot. It's also important to use heat protecting sprays/product to your hair *before* you use any heat on it, because even a hair dryer can damage your hair.

I usually let my hair be curly, but when I do straighten it, I use a straightening balm, or heat protecting spray/lotion, and then make sure it's dry before I use my straightening iron on it. I also use a finishing product to give it more shine when it's really damaged and use a spray that also has sunscreen in it (helps keep hair safer from sun damage and colors from fading as much in the sun).

It's true that hair length is usually determined by genetics, but if you were able to have long hair at one time, and cannot now, my first thought is that something changed for you health or body-wise and the hair making is just not a priority anymore. IIRC, you were having problems getting enough nutrition in for a while, and I do know that when your body is even slightly malnourished for a length of time, it will start to use all it's resources for your bodily functions instead of for your hair and nails (incidentally, has your nail growth changed at all with the hair growth changing?). When I lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time, my hair got to the point where it was starting to fall out and was very thin. My nails were thin and brittle too. Once my weight loss slowed and I was able to get more nutrients in from supplements and vitamins, my hair and nails started to grow back stronger like they used too - but that took about 9 months from the time I stopped the rapid weight loss to the time I could actually see that my hair was thicker and growing faster.

Most people's hair changes as they get older, but it's usually due to health reasons, and their body making changes as it gets older (kind of like the same thing as above, the body kind of views hair and nails as 'extras' and your insides as a higher priority). I would say that you're most likely too young to be experiencing that unless you have early menopause or something similar. I'm more inclined to believe it's health or nutrition related. Also, if you have had extensions in your hair for a while, and then took them out, you could have had some breakage, but just not realized it until it started growing out and is now long enough to see. If you had a lot of breakage and you took extensions out, say, 8 months ago, then you'd have a bunch of hair growing in that was only 3-4" long.

Ok, enough of my hair rambling. I miss doing hair a lot, and I hope you don't mind my opinion as a stylist. :) I haven't seen your hair, but just from your post, those are my initial impressions.

Also, $85 for a cut! I was totally working at the wrong salons...lol. Damn, I could have made a lot more money. ;P *heh*

And oh man, I totally want pie now. M makes a kick ass SF berry pie, and we're waiting for the blackberries in our cul-de-sac to get here, so we've got some time. I might have to break down and get the frozen ones before then though....lol. Berry pies rawk. Total comfort food.
What heat protecting spray/lotion do you use and where can I get it? Because I still plan to straighten my hair once a week or so when I go out and want to look nice.

I am experiencing the opposite with my nails. My nails are strong and they grow quickly and they rarely break. I have to trim them often or I would have wicked long nails (which does not work for pole dancing). So I'm wondering if this is not a nutrition issue.

Do hair extensions really break off your hair? The extensions are attached at the root. If there was breakage, is that where it would be? I never saw any breaking when I had extensions in.

As for the $85 haircut (it actually turned out to be $80, so I stand corrected unless you count the tip), I'm guessing the salon takes at least 50%...if not more. I once worked for a fancy, expensive salon in college that upped their take from 40% to 60%. So I would guess that 50% would be average for high end salons?

I can do expensive products now. That might change when I have a massive mortgage to pay. But right now I don't care what it costs. What are you using?
I use this one (Beyond The Zone Turn Up The Heat Protection Spray): http://www.sallybeauty.com/Turn-Up-Heat-Flat-Iron-Spray/SBS-140036,default,pd.html?cgid=BUYNOW05-04
and it works really well. Beyond The Zone Bored Straight Hair Straightener is good too, and both are found at Sally beauty supply, and probably some salons. I like most of their styling products too. I use their curl enhancing ones as well.

Your nails can still be in good shape even if your hair is not. My nails have always been really strong, except when I lost a lot of weight at once, but then they got back to normal sooner than my hair did. The reason I suggested nutrional or health issue, was because your hair is a good indicator of your health, especially when it's a change that starts from the root. I didn't mean to imply you were malnourished or anything, I was going on stuff you had posted a while back. I've also watched my hair and other people's hair reflect internal issues. It could be something as simple as a vitamin deficiency. Anyways, as I said I didn't mean to imply or offend, I was just offering my opinion based on experience.

Yes, any extentions (even braids, or a ponytail!) can cause breakage if they are done too tight, too heavy, or not sectioned right. It doesn't happen every time, but it's not uncommon. If your hair does break, it'll usually break at the base of the extension, or at the scalp depending on why the extensions are causing it (if they are too heavy, you can get breakage at the root, if they are too tight, they can cause it at the base of the extension). Usually when you take extensions out, it's hard to see if there is any breakage because of all the lose hair that comes out too (hair that has been shedding normal during that time but got caught by the extensions). Unless there are large spots of breakage, you usually won't notice it until the new hair starts growing in. It's fairly common with perms too.

I wasn't trying to dis your hairdresser. I am guessing that he either rents/leases a station, or gets commission. I worked mostly at salons that paid hourly, or from my apt, so that my clients could afford to get their hair done by me. But that's me, and I liked the freedom to dress and do whatever to my hair I wanted more than I wanted to work in a high-end salon, and made most of my money from hair color. I was mostly just joking, because I do know that there are lots of high-end salons in Seattle, I just never worked in one because I couldn't even afford to get anything done there...lol.
I love Whole Foods and I love their pies (I am partial to the cherry ones, but I am sure you will enjoy your blueberry pie).

My hair had a lot of split ends and breakage, and was getting shorter and shorter. Someone suggested trying "Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal 10x Stronger Shampoo" and Conditioner, and it's made a huge difference. I've been able to grow my hair Much longer than I ever could before. My hair at one point got down past my butt, and I couldn't do that a few years ago, it just stopped about halfway down my back in previous years.

Also, when you're washing your hair if you finish with cold water it strengthens your hair as well.