Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

schedule packed from end to end

Things are getting unbearably crowded. I cannot work this afternoon nor can I look at properties because I'm driving out to the East side for a hair cut. I don't normally drive out to the East side for a hair cut, but shadiee recommended this guy to me. It's a fancy smancy salon that charges $85 for a haircut. I can't wait to find out what an $85 hair cut looks like!

This evening after I teach a class, I have a pole party. Who books a bachelorette party on a Wednesday night!? One of my instructors is teaching in my studio at the same time so in order to fit the party, I had to rent out a competitor's pole studio for the evening. His studio is not available until 9pm, so I'll be teaching that party from 9:00 to 11:00pm and then driving all the way home.

I have a pole party on Friday. This is rare, those Friday parties. And lord have mercy I have THREE pole parties on Saturday! I have never attempted to do 3 in one day but one of my instructors is out of town and the other is celebrating her graduation. To make it even more challenging, the first party is at 10:00am. I'm usually never up before 10:00am. Yet I need to be up and perky and energetic and ready to teach for 6 hours at that time! Lucky for me I can wind down the evening at a stuff swap party Saturday night.

Sunday should be my day off. But I have to substitute two back to back classes for my instructor that is out of town.

Somehow with all this wall to wall teaching, I still need to fit in lots of admin and studio and home hunting. I will be purchasing lots of pre-prepared meals this weekend since I obviously I will have no time or energy to cook. If anyone wants to bring over some pre-prepared hugs, I could use some of those too!!!

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