Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Trying not to get my hopes up too hight but...

I looked at a fabulous work/live space today for $3,400 per month (or $300 more if you want the garage too). It seems like a lot, but there is only utilities and no triple net, which most commercial spaces charge you and it's usually an extra $300 a month when they do.

It has TWO floors of living space above the commercial space. Each floor has a bedroom, a full bath, an extra room for a living room or office and decks with views. That's right, BOTH floors have decks with views. Only the second floor has the kitchen and washer and dryer. They are practically two separate apartments above the commercial space, except only one has the kitchen.

And the commercial space is a storefront style space on a major super busy street!!!

Here are only a few pics:

Commercial space:

One of the rooms with a deck:

One of the decks, super big:

View from the deck:

The landlord is a FABULOUS woman who built this thing all environmental and green. It even has solar panels and has some mysterious heating system that uses hot water to heat the units. We're going back tomorrow so I can take some measurements and see how sound proof the unit is from the neighboring unit. The hope is that we can negotiate down to $3,100 and maybe a long term lease. But you should see how swank and beautiful this place is! And the commercial space is practically ready to go. All it needs is the light fixtures removed and some flooring put over the cement floor and some poles and a sound system put in. No expensive remodeling required like most commercial spaces.

The entire building is also for sale, including the unit next door -- for 1 million dollars.

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