Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

My Saturday

The pole party this afternoon was delightful! The girls were eager to learn and paid attention. That's a lot ot ask of people during a party and I don't expect it. But they enjoyed every minute of it didn't mind lowering their voices so they could hear all the instructions. They kept telling me how much fun they were having and how sexy they felt! And at the end several girls came up to me to compliment how much they liked the way I would break the lesson down into easy to understand and follow pieces. I really appreciate parties like this!

The exotic dance party for later in the afternoon was a no-show. I'll never understand how people can put down a $100 deposit for something and forfeit it by not showing up. But I put the empty time to good use by updating my website for the newest strip club tour on June 22nd and the lap dance and striptease workshop on June 27th.

There are two parties I wanted to hit tonight but I may just stay home and work more. The more work I can get done this weekend, the more time I will have during the week to drive around and look at properties for sale and for lease.

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