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I just checked my Seattle City Search listing and found that yesterday some one left a testimonial so amazing that it almost moved me to tears. You can see it here for yourself: and I'm also posting it below:


"I cannot say enough good things about Pole for the Soul. The instructors are great, the class sizes small, the atmosphere relaxing, and the list goes on. I was very nervous to be taking a pole dancing class since I am very quiet and shy, especially with anything involving me as the center of attention, but once the classes got going all my worries vanished. The support not just from the instructor but from all the other women in class is fantastic, and I never felt like I had a spotlight on me. I had a great time and am more confident not just with my sexuality, but with all aspects of my life. If you don't feel comfortable enough to commit to a whole class series, they offer workshops to give you a taste of what classes will be like. I could go on forever about how great this place is, but really you should just try it and experience it for yourself. Pole for the Soul is in one word, amazing!"

If I had any doubts about whether or not I chose the right thing to do for a living, they were just erased by this testimonial.
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