Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I taught my FIRST outdoor exotic dance class

Saturday was unusual. And I think it definitely could have been miserable if it was not for njredhead working with me. With my disability, trying to find addresses in strange cities I've never been to can be an exercise in embarrassment and frustration. But with her there as a guide, everything went smoothly. And the view out there in Sammamish (or where ever the heck we were) was gorgeous! We could see snow capped mountains even though it was sunny and clear and 95 degrees.

The first home we arrived to had no air conditioning. Did I mention it was about 95 degrees? Lucky for us she had a fairly large deck and we ended up teaching the exotic dance party on the deck of her back yard. This was my first time ever teaching exotic dance outdoors! It was SO cool!!

After the first party we had a break for a couple hours and found a Mexican restaurant for lunch. When they brought out my order, njredhead commented that the plate was bigger than my head. It was! But it was so good that I just kept eating and eating until we were both practically waddling out of there because our bellies were so full. We hit a Starbucks right after to get some caffiene in us since we were both suffering from food coma and had only an hour until we were to teach the next party. The next party was a drunken buch, but nice. In fact, I have yet to teach a party where the girls didn't treat us wonderfully! And these girls were no exception. And njredhead did such a great job when demonstrating the dance moves that one of the girls said, "You need to give this girl a raise!"

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