Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

kudos to my instructor

Just got back from teaching parties all day. Lucky for me I had my new contractor njredhead with me to assist at the first party and teach at the second. But I just have to say that this girl has really had her work cut out for her and has been such a trooper! The first time I ever let her teach an exotic dance party after her training, the group turned out to be all of the same foreign nationality and their grasp of english was not so good. A lot of the teaching got lost in the translation. What a challenge for a first time dance instructor!

I figured this time she would have it much easier. But THIS time when we got to the home the girls were drunk off their asses. To make matters worse, the girls got the bachelorette drunk and didn't tell her she was getting a dance lesson. So it was a total surprise! I don't allow any drunkeness at pole parties for safety reasons. But when an exotic dance party is in a private home (and there is no pole and no pole dancing), I let them drink. And they often do! njredhead did a fantastic job of wrangling in the girls and actually keeping them entertained and teaching them something new even though they were drunk. Now THAT takes talent!!

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