Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

How do you network at one of these things?

I'm going back to a monthly networking event this evening that I don't want to go to. My last experience there was not pleasant. It's women only and there are over 150 women packed into a restaurant/bar supposedly networking. But what I found is that they were really in tight little groups talking to one another and not really circulating. It was clicky.

I decided to do something that no one else was doing, go around and meet everyone and give everyone I talk to my card. I always started out by asking people what they did so they could offer me their services before I ever talked about mine (the polite thing to do). Then I ended every conversation by giving out my card and moving on. I couldn't figure out why I was the ONLY woman doing this in a networking event. How are you supposed to network at one of these things if not by circulating and giving out your card!?

I had to stop quickly though because my disability means I can't remember faces I just spoke to. So within minutes I was reintroducing myself to women I had just done so with not 5 minutes ago. Stupid brain disability, I wish I didn't have it! But because of it I realized I could no longer network around the room giving out my card without looking foolish for not remembering I had just spoken to the person I was talking to.

I'm only going back because my friend who owns another pole school in Seattle is doing a pole demo there. Can anyone suggest a way to network and break into the cliques without just circulating the entire room and giving my card to everyone? I would like to use this to my advantage and not let my disability make it useless and miserable.

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