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word wall

I was going to have a very nice dinner made for me tonight, but I had to cancel. I had something new today done called "Soma" body work. It's a very deep massage. Then I had an adjustment at the chiropractor. Now I'm feeling all light headed and weak. I wonder if the combination of pounding out 12 to 14 hour work days for days at a time plus one day (today) of total healing body work, just made by body decide it's ready to rest for the night.

Ordering in sounds mighty nice right about now.


What did you think of the bodywork? I've never heard of it. I am endlessly looking for something to help me with crippling pain. I am getting progressively worse by the day. If it keeps going at this rate I am going to end up back in a wheelchair in a few years. :(
It's supposed to take 10 sessions to really feel the results of soma work. And I doubt I will do all 10.

If you're in THAT much pain then we need to get you some medical insurance. You need to be X-rayed and diagnosed properly.
I haven't found an insurance that will cover the kind of treatments I've been experimenting with, and pre-existing conditions take 6-12 months. Maybe I haven't seen all the insurance plans available to me, but they all seem rather unhelpful. I am going to try a new chiropractor and get some x-rays. Also rolfing and acupuncture are next on my list.
Where do you order in from?
I am actually not happy with anyone I order in from. I ended up driving 8 blocks to pick up food to go from Chinoise Cafe. It wasn't that good either.