Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I think some pole spinning guy tried to kill me!

The pole did not kick my ass so much at the Vogue tonight. Granted my knees don't know it, judging by how black and blue they are after practice tonight. I'm getting a little better at working on a spinning pole although it still poses a lot of problems for me. And I still needed some one to hold the pole still (so it couldn't spin) in order to flip upside down on it.

Using the picture from this journal entry I corrected the hand positioning error I spotted in it. Holding my hands correctly on the pole made all the difference in the world. I felt like I really mastered that trick after tonight. I still don't know how it looks (the pole spins too fast to get a good look at the mirror) but it feels good and it's easy to do now.

While up on the pole stage playing around with izzbot I met a guy who pole danced named Steel. I asked Steel to show me a trick or two and he tried. The one I wanted to learn required me to hold my body up with only one hand which I'm having trouble with. Later in the night I climbed to the top of the pole (and that pole at the Vogue goes WAY up high to the ceiling) to attempt a graceful way I saw one of my teachers descend.

For some reason Steel thought it would be amusing to jump up on the pole below me and start spinning like an f'ing maniac. My grip was not real good when he did this since I was attempting something I'm not practiced at. Words can't describe how terrifying it was to be trapped up so high on the pole without a decent grip and be spun around so fast you can't even see. I desperately tried to grasp the pole with my legs (so I wouldn't be flung off) and slide down. But I wouldn't have been able to slide down without crashing into him and possibly injuring both of us. I was furious at that stunt he pulled. I can't even imagine why he thought it was okay to do that.

Other than that the night was great. For those that don't know it I'm trained in Chinese Energetics, a form of energy work used for healing and pain relief. I did some quick energy work on myself before pole dancing to increase my strength and stamina. It worked! I lasted about 10 times as long on that dancing pole as I did the last time I attempted it at the Vogue. It is my intention now to use energy work more often.

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