Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Holy cow, THAT'S the lap dance!?

Well now, THAT was fun! In all the time I have been teaching lap dance to workshops and parties, I have never actually had a woman give me this particular lap dance that I put together. So this evening when I was having my new contractor go over the lesson plan with me in preparation for her first teaching gig on Friday, she did indeed give me the lap dance that I'm teaching her how to teach. And...well...HELLO! I was so intimidated at one point that I actually squealed uncontrollably. It's quite an amazing thing to watch a woman with that much power and control over you doing nothing but things that were designed to be physically and emotionally pleasing and exciting to you...all while making eye contact. As the recipient I truly felt simultaneously overpowered and pleased in a really exciting way.

I think until now I never realized what I was unleashing in this city of Seattle. Dozens and dozens of women are taking this out of my classroom and are doing it for their very surprised and excited partners. I'm definitely glad I developed the intermediate workshop in addition to this. This kind of experience is unique (unless your partner frequents strip clubs) and special and I'm thrilled to be expanding it into the realm of the everyday world.

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