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The Moses Code

I saw a screening of "The Moses Code" tonight which is the sequel to "The Secret." It filled in some holes from the first film and really helped me make a connection to the philosophy rather than just teaching me the philosophy.

The second person that speaks in this trailer below is the man that I'm taking the cruise in July to be with. A week long journey of exploring the beauty and majesty of Alaska along with a week of workshops and talks with my favorite philosopher. I can only begin to imagine how transforming and energizing that will be!


LOL! You are my one friend that definitely doesn't relate to my spiritual side at all. What can I say? It brings me peace, it gives me positive tools and goals to look forward to, it makes me a better person. You don't have to understand or believe. Just know that it is part of my foundation, or my "rock" that has gotten me through challenging times. So I will always be connected to it.
I think the movie was based more on what God said to Moses rather than anything Moses said or did.

I don't think the trailer is trying to sell you anything, just tease you. It's throwing bits and pieces of stories and concepts rather than selling you any one concept.
Okay, I just looked it up and I stand corrected. The code is based on a phrase found in the following sources:

The Torah
Hindu Advaita Vedanta
Bible Exodus 3: 14

Given that I have not read any of the above three texts (I may have read the bible but I don't remember any of it), I'm not in a position to debate whether or not the contents are factual or not. I can only tell you that the code is in alignment with what I have experienced and what is taught in a variety of Eastern philosophies and religions.

The thoughts I have on this is I MUST WATCH THIS.

And Namaste!!!

Thank you for sharing this information.

Enjoy your trip