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Surprise!!!! Christmas comes early.

I came home this afternoon and found inside the doorway an 8 foot high Fed-Ex package waiting for me.

Oh my freakin' God I have a pole!!

I dragged it up the stairs and frantically tore the package open after which Peabody the cat comfortably settled into to it. And here they are - the pole AND the cat!

pole in the box

It's still wrapped in newspaper to protect it. But if it's the chrome pole I wanted then it will be this color when unwrapped:


Either Perry managed to convince Lil Minx (the pole vendor) to give him the pole for free (which he said was a possibility) or he just got a good enough discount that Jai purchased it for me. Perry's name is on the outside of the box as a reference note but a card inside says it's from Jai. Holy cow! I wondered if he remembered I wanted the chrome one. Please let this be chrome! Anyone out there able to tell the difference between steel and chrome? How can I tell which one I got?

Oh...and oh-my-god-I-have-a-stripper-pole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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