Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

So this is what goes on in rehab...

I have ALWAYS wanted to know what goes on inside rehab. After all, addiction seems like the only force on earth more powerful than love. For addiction people are willing to lose their families, their careers, their homes, everything. There is nothing that can stand up to addiction, not even the most loving family can bring an addict back from the edge. So of course I want to know what kind of powerful work is going on inside a rehab center that can save these people.

A new series called Celebrity Rehab seemed to be my only opportunity to find out for myself without actually developing a substance addiction of my own. The show was both amazing and disappointing. It's amazing because watching people go from the brink of death and self destruction and transform into people that can be the best they have ever been, is miraculous. But in spite of the fact that the cameras were allowed to go everywhere and cover everything, all I saw was a lot of sitting around and talking. Is that all rehab is, just in-house talk therapy one on one and in groups?

Not all the talking was boring of course. The most amazing story was one celebrity who admitted to something that blew everyone away. He was under the influence and driving and in a terrible car crash. He looked to his girlfriend in the car and saw that she was dead (or assumed she was). So he got out of the car, removed her body, and put her body in the driver's seat so the cops would not blame the accident on him. Of course the cops saw how far back the seat was and figured it out. And amazingly, she was not dead. But this is just an example of the what addicts will do.

Tonight is the 6 month follow up reunion show. I can't wait to see which celebrities stayed clean and sober and which did not. The ones that did not have a lifetime support system now if they change their minds and decide to try again.

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