Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

how it went tonight

I have not been able to read LJ for days. I've been trying to catch up on work as well as prepare training material for my workshops. I have a friend that is both a former exotic dancer AND currently a psychotherapist. Her past and present occupations make her the best qualified to teach my lap dance and striptease workshops since she knows all about sensual dance from her dancer days and is currently in the business of empowering people and helping them feel good about themselves as a therapist. But every time I train some one new, it takes a mother-ton of unpaid time to prepare the training material and physically train them. While I train her, she is working as a teacher's aid in my workshops until she is ready to teach.

Tonight's striptease and lap dance workshop got a rough start. When I arrived I went to unpack my things and discovered that my water bottle had dripped water on the waivers and confidentiality agreements that the students need to sign! Oy! Then, to my absolute horror, I realized that I forgot the auxiliary cables to plug my mp3 player into the sound system at the studio. My heart felt like it dropped out my chest as I contemplated how truly bad the workshop would be with NO music!! Then I remembered that I always pack a back up speaker system for the mp3 player in case the studio sound system has any problems. Thank goodness I'm always planning ahead for emergencies!! But I also forgot my yoga mat. The floor really hurts your knees and your butr when you don't have a yoga mat.

But even with everything that went wrong, everyone left very happy. I'll have to post some of the fabulous written reviews the girls gave me. And I thought it was interesting to find out how one girl discovered my workshop. Her friend took my workshop last month and needed some one to practice on until she was ready to dance for her boyfriend. So she practiced on her female friend who was so amazed and impressed with the moves that she signed herself up for the workshop. Yay for word of mouth, or word of lap dance as the case may be! Some students let me take pictures of them dancing at the end of the workshop (for my website). I'll post them in a couple days.

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