Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

watching a grand pass through my hands

This is how quickly money slips through your hands when you have a business. This weekend is super busy; two workshops, a pole party and a class. I'm not usually this booked in one weekend, but since I am I will make about $1,000 this weekend. Celebrate? Nope. Shop? I wish. All of that money will promptly be spent on attorneys to re-write my employee contracts to a new training system for future employees and for trademark research and paperwork.

It's a trade off really. As an employee of some one else's business, I was very limited to what I could make in the span of two days. But I got to keep ALL of it and do whatever I wanted with it (spend, save, etc.). As a business, my revenue is unlimited. But if I want to keep growing the business, I have to put it back into the business rather than keep it for myself.

I'm not complaining. Just reflecting on the irony. Or would it be considered still "complaining" if I talked about what a bad-ass sexy outfit I wish I could buy for Norwescon with that $1,000 (if I wasn't so darn responsible).

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