Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

%$&*(#@!! pole!!!

I'm not absolutely certain but I think the pole kicked my ass at the Vogue tonight! I was trained on a stationary pole; i.e. ones that don't move. The pole at the Vogue is on ball bearings of some kind so that it actually spins on it's own when pushed or pulled. Because of this you spin 4 to 5 times faster on the Vogue pole than you do on a normal stripper pole.

There was no chance in hell of me getting to do a one handed "firefly". The spin was simply far too fast to hold on with only one hand. I could do a couple other moves but because of the faster spin I had to concentrate more on holding on rather than my posture and whether or not I was holding my body correctly for the tricks. This made for some faulty and occasionally sloppy pole work.

The upside down "snake" maneuver is just about impossible on a spinning pole. The only way I can get my legs over my head (on a regular pole) is to pretty much take a flying leap and let the momentum of the leap turn me upside down. But on the spinning pole this same momentum that once allowed me to grab onto the pole and flip my legs up over my head now instead simply forces a super fast spin of the pole. I not only lose the force necessary to get upside down but even if I manage it I end up spinning upside down which is downright disorienting and kinda scary!

I don't know if was because working the spinning pole took more strength or because it was late but I tired out quickly. I can usually practice pole for 40 minutes to an hour and half. On that spinning pole at the vogue I was exhausted within 5 minutes. My muscles felt like jelly and I couldn't practice anymore. :(

On the upside I enjoyed dinner tonight with butterflake at my favorite restaurant - Mongolian Grill. At coffee much of the socializing was outside so I used gkr as a human blanket to keep me warm. He didn't seem mind. He said it was tough job but some one had to do it. templar46_2 showed up unexpectedly, I ran into him just as I was leaving my parked car to head to coffee. I finally got to meet missreagan in person! And sweetestkiss was there looking amazing in this hot gothy long dress. Way to make the boys drool Sweetestkiss!!!

I met darkmane, m_cobweb and vulture23 at the Vogue afterward. I also got to chat with djeternaldarkne up in the DJ booth. Seems like a fun job up there! He played Conjure One for me so I could practice my pole work to it. I was actually freezing at the club and Darkmane bought me what was my first coffee with alcohol beverage ever. The whip cream and cherry on top were my favorite part. Yum!

A great night all together and I'm really looking forward to the Artwalk tomorrow where we will see some of ravenemimura's work.

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