Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Too good to be true?

The last time I saw my Shoreline massage therapist (I have a total of 3 massage therapists that I use) she had undergone this amazing life transformation overnight. Here are her changes...

*She quit smoking and has no craving for cigarettes
*She stopped eating junk food and started craving healthy foods
*She is now working out or doing some form of exercise ever day
*She threw out her deadbeat boyfriend out of her house as well everyone living in her home that wasn't paying rent (except her 19 year old who does chores to earn his keep)

Basically she just instantly got her whole life together. And how did she do this, by doing just one session with a hypnotherapist. I have to say, I'm damn impressed. I had a free consultation with a hypnotherapist once over a decade ago and he couldn't even hypnotize me. So I just gave up on ever believing in it. But his woman is completely transformed and healthy pretty much over night and now I'm dying to try it. Maybe the hypnotherapist could help me with my learning disabilities and help me procrastinate less and get more done. My massage therapist said the session with the hypnotherapist that changed her life was $300. I would pay that in a heartbeat if I thought it would work. But what if she turns out to be like the hypnotherapist I went to over a decade ago? What if I pay $300 and she can't even do anything for me?

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