Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

got lots of cool free stuff today

I should so be sleeping right now. But I scored big at the stuff swap tonight! There was a dancer there that has the same shoe size as me and I got these knee high PVC boots from her:


I feel kind of guilty taking them since I have two pairs pretty much exactly like them, one of them ankle high and the other thigh high. So a knee high pair seems like more than I need. But I couldn't resist them because they actually fit my legs. Most knee high boots are made for girls with bigger calves than me. But these boots actually fit my little legs, so I couldn't pass them up.

From the same girl I also got a pair of gothy Mary Jane's that look like this:


Perfect for my school girl costumes!

I also got something I have been looking for on eBay for months. I once saw a Shakira video where she was wearing a shredded long lace skirt. The look was very gypsie/goth, which is EXACTLY my look. But I couldn't find a sheer lace skirt to shred on eBay or the thrift stores. Yet there was one just waiting for me at the stuff swap MY size! It took me about 40 minutes to shred it and then I layered it with an ankle length all fringe skirt. The combination of shredded lace and fringe is unique and stunning and sexy very gypsie/Stevie Nicks/goth/belly dancer. I wore it to the Mercury tonight and I absolutely loved dancing in it!!

I also got one of those Dryel home dry cleaning kits where you can supposedly freshen up your clothes in the dryer with these special dry cleaning bags. I'm hoping that will help get the icky cigarette smoke smell out of the clothes I wear to the Merc.

Other things I got at the swap include two bracelets, a pink bag with the Mattel Barbie logo on it (I want to add a skull and cross bones patch to it) and a peacock feather Mardi Gras style masquerademask.

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