Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

$70 fo 3 minutes of dancing

Holy cow, I won amateur night! And my students were ahhhhhh-mazing up there on stage! They definitely were as good the professional dancers and it was great to see all their hard work and practice being shared. I think kety should have won for having the most courage (she went first) and for being so sexy and having the BIGGEST cheerleading squad. Her friends and supporters filled about 25% of the club seats!!

I did run into one mishap. I asked the DJ if he would give me a few seconds to clean the pole before he played my song. But instead he had the waitresses do it for me. I was not thrilled about letting some one else clean the pole because if you leave even one drop of cleaner on it, the next dancer will slip off during a trick. And sure enough, the gal sprayed the cloth and wiped down the pole and didn't wipe it with a dry one to get the cleaner off. While I was upside down and starting to climb backward up the pole, my hand slipped out from under me. The damn pole was not just still wet from the cleaner, it was practically slimy. So from then on I concentrated mostly on floorwork, and had a good time doing it! I wish I could have showed off some of my advanced spins and inversions, but it just wasn't safe to do so. Note to self, no more amateur nights at DejaVu. I'm afraid if insisted on cleaning my own pole next time, I'd look like some kind of high maintenance, paranoid dancer. So I'm more likely to stop doing it rather than have to worry about the pole cleaning issue.

I made $20 in tips and won the $50 prize. Not bad for 3 minutes worth of dancing! Although last year the prize was $100. But the surprise of being named the winner before I even left the stage (I went last) was worth more than the money.

Apparently some one decided to sneak a camera in and film me. They did a lousy job. But I figure the damage is done so I might as well use the footage rather than scold them. Here's 56 seconds of me pole dancing on a real stripper stage:


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