Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

She shops, she scores!

For years I have wanted the skirt pictured below. It's by a designer called Catherine Coatney who's products are always outrageously priced. I never purchased the skirt because it retails at $198. It's not that I wouldn't spend $198 on an item of club clothing. But as much as I love that skirt, it's never struck me as a $198 worth of skirt. I have seen it for half price at a sale or two. But the stores that had them on sale only had size large or extra large.

This weekend I found a cheap knock off of the skirt at the Crypt for only $100. I never thought I would put the words "cheap" and "knock off" and "$100" together in one sentence. But that's way better than $198 so I bought it. Not only that, I like the knock off way better than the original Catherine Coatney version. The Coatney version has a clearly defined and sewn hem, and a short girl like me that can't sew is stuck with a gorgeous skirt that will drag on the floor at the clubs. But the knock off version has no hem at all. The net/sheer fabric is just cut with no sewing at all. So I can simply take a pair of scissors and a ruler to it and shorten it with no sewing. Also the knock off version is split all the way down the back for some reason. So I'm going to wear it backward and the split down the front will add to the way it billows about me when I walk. And I can wear cute little hot pants and thigh high boots that will show more when I walk and dance because of the split up the front.

As if this wasn't enough, the store was having a sale in which they gave me a $20 gift card for spending $100. So I promptly turned around and put the gift card toward the purchase of an even sexier skirt. It has see through lace sides ALL the way up, the same way this dress... sheer up the sides. But picture black lace instead of just sheer.

Damn...can't WAIT to go clubbing now!!!

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