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Pole Dancing: the good the bad and the ugly

Welcome to both the glamorous and the ugly side of pole dancing. There are pictures in the link below. One is of my favorite pole move: the upside down trick that I wanted to learn so badly. The last picture is a rather gruesome one of all the bruising on one of my legs as a result of the practice I've been putting in. Warning: It's NOT pretty!

This is the very last trick I learned. It's called "the snake" and the beauty of it is sliding down (once you're upside down) and slithering to the floor like a snake:

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Once I get better at this move and develop more strength in my legs I hope to someday move on to this version of the trick which is called "the snake dive".

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This is the inside of my shin. The yellow bruises are several days old and nearly healed. The purple bruises are new and from my pole practice on Sunday. I have more bruises from the pole but these are the worst. Pole dancing is beautiful to watch but painful to learn!

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