Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

busy stuff

I finally had a chance to get my financial records to my accountant yesterday. The bookkeeper did most of the work, I just had to print it all up and add my mileage and pay to have it faxed to the accountant (because I don't have a fax machine or scanner). He should have my 2007 taxes done in a week.

I paid less than I thought last year, only about $6,000 in quarterly filings. So I will probably owe about $3,000 more. If I do, I'll still have enough left over in the "save for taxes" savings account to pay for the Alaskan cruise this Summer. But I'm still anxious to see exactly how much I owe from that savings account and how much I get to keep.

This is my last week of this session of classes. Next week is my week off. Or rather, my week off from teaching. There seems to be no end to the admin side of running a business, even when you're paying other people to do some of it for you.

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