Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

men wondering into my lap dance workshop

Whenever you teach a group of women something intimate like pole or exotic dance, it is essential that there not be strangers present...especially a man. It completely shifts the energy in the room and everyone goes from sensual and vulnerable to self conscious and shut down in a heart beat. So you can imagine how shocked I was to see a strange man just wonder through the dance studio I was renting for the workshop tonight. TWICE.

Lots of people rent this studio for their classes and apparently this gentleman had plans to unload some stuff out of the office in the back into his car. We engaged in a friendly, polite dispute about it in front of my class. I didn't care that the students saw it because I wanted them to know that I was there for them and not about to let a man be present in the middle of their lap dance and stripping lesson. And for the record, it wasn't his fault. The owner of the studio has messed up my reservations so many times in so many ways that it was absolutely not surprising when he told me that he had checked the schedule and I wasn't on it. I told him that this was just the consequence of dealing with the owner who I suspect he also knows can be very scattered and not follow up or follow through. I politely explained to him the nature of the workshop and the fact that I had paid $122 to rent that space during that time. He was clearly in a hurry but agreed to wait outside the door until the 30 minute break I had scheduled between the basic and the intermediate lap dance workshops. So it worked out okay.

The second interruption was during the intermediate workshop. A different man just wondered into the studio and back to the office and I left the class and followed him. I asked him what was going on and he explained that he was from ecstatic dance (Wednesday nights) and some money was missing. I explained the nature of the workshop and he understood and politely left.

Locking the door is not an option because the restroom is just outside the studio door and any girl that needs to use the restroom has to unlock the studio door to do so. And when she returns and locks it, she stands the chance of locking out anyone else who left to use the restroom. I could make an entirely separate entry about the owner of the studio, but suffice it say she can't even be trusted to leave me a key after I pay to rent the studio (so I can get in!). So she certainly can't be relied upon to actually enter me into the schedule when I rent her studio. Perhaps next time I'll make a VERY large sign for the front door that says: "Private class in session. Absolutely no entry by non-students during the workshop. If you need access to the office in the back, please return at 9:00pm when the workshop is finished."

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