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how do I talk to my server and what does my ISP admin have to do with this?

When I wrote to hotmail about the problem, they asked me to do 2 things:

1. Have the mail administrators of my ISP contact them

2. Go to my mail server and manually perform a Telnet conversation from a command prompt

My ISP is comcast, but I don't use comcast mail. So why should Comcast administrators get involved? What do they have to do with it? And what is a mail server and how do I find it and perform a conversation with it?


Did you get the e-mail I forwarded you from Gordon? He might be able to help.
I just e-mailed him, he may want to check is bulk mail folder in case it goes there.
A Mail Server is like a Post Office for e-mail. All ISP's have them. Hotmail has them and you use their website interface to connect to it. You can download Mail Server software to run on your own servers, but you have to be pretty technically inclined to do that.

An ISP will NOT let you do anything to their Mail Server except connect to it to send and receive mail.

I don't know what your conversation was with Hotmail support, but clearly they either didn't understand what you were trying to tell them, or they are just stupid.

How are you sending your e-mails?
Are you going to Hotmail and sending them out to your contacts individually?; sending them out to everyone single list?; sending them out in multiple smaller lists?; or using a different e-mail site like yahoo or gmail?

It might be that if you are sending out one big list (like everyone on your contact list at once in one e-mail), that might be what's causing the problem. In that case, try sending them out in seperate groups with fewer people in one list.

When Hotmail told you that your e-mails appeared to be SPAM, how did they tell you...did they send you an e-mail stating such, or did you just have all of the e-mails rejected?

Mail Servers have software called SPAM filters on them that look for key words or phrases. Check the e-mails you send out for words that might be considered SPAM. I don't know what you put in those e-mails, but some adult words that are used in SPAM a lot might get flagged, or too mandy of those words in one e-mail might get flagged as spam.

It's hard to troubleshoot where the problem is without knowing the details...
Going to hotmail? No, I don't use hotmail. Some of my clients do though, that's the problem. I use webmail provided by my web hosting service.

And yes, I know about key words and phrases. I'm sure exotic dance uses those key words and phrases. But knowing how I got blacklisted doesn't get me off the blacklist now.

Even an individual e-mail to one hotmail user that says, "Hi, what time are you going to open the studio on Sunday" gets rejected. ANY e-mail to a hotmail user gets rejected.
Evidently they either sent you a canned response or they were unclear on what your situation is.

The person to contact is the service that sends out your messages and have them contact Microsoft.

The other option that they mentioned was if you were running your own mail server so it doesn't apply to you.
That would work if the problem WAS the service that sends out my marketing e-mails. But I just send one like to the lady that owns the studio I use saying, "Hi, what time will you open the studio on Sunday" and it gets rejected. In that case, who do I go to?

How would running my own mail server fix the problem? Because given the amount of money I'm losing because of this problem, I'll do ANYTHING to fix it. I'll set up a mail server. How do I do it?
You don't, the headache of running your own server is not worth it.

Why don't you send me an email and I will see if there is anything I can see as to why it might be rejected.
Just sent it. Please check your bulk mail folder if you don't see it. But I actually send from Gmail and make it look like it's from poleforthesoul.com. So I assume Gmail will let a Gmail mail through.


That's known as faking headers, its an EXTREMELY common trick spammers use to appear as someone else. It's what is probably causing Hotmail to mark your messages as spam because you are spamming by using forged/false return address.