Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Worth turning down money for

Missing an event this Friday that only happens about three or four times per year that I really had my heart set on teach a pole party. Also missing the Vampire Ball in Portland next month, to teach a pole party. And I really wanted to be at the ball this year since I missed last year and want to reconnect with folks in Portland.

I am, however, putting my foot down for the Strip-O-Rama event on February 29th. I just had some one ask if they can book a party that night and I'm for sure contracting this one out to bellypriestess to teach so I can attend the Strip-O-Rama. It's the event that has a pole and amateurs dancing and stripping for tips. All the tips go to benefit the AIDS/LifeCycle charity. It's a blast watching girls who have never done this before just get up there and have a great time giving it a go. These are REAL women of all ages and sizes who get up on stage and prove to everyone that sexy comes from the inside and it is not based on your age or your body type. And it's so much fun to toss dollars up on stage and support them--and a great charity--as they do it. It's an annual event and at past ones I've seen a few do some pole tricks. But nothing really advanced thus far so I'm looking forward to another chance to have a turn on stage and hopefully wow the crowd with some of my advanced pole inversions and tricks (don't worry, I only strip down to hot pants and a cute top).

It's rare that I will give up income from a party (or part of it as the case may be when I contract out). But I wouldn't miss this event for anything.

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