Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I do believe it may be time to frequent the Mercury

Okay, wow. I didn't know I could have so much fun at the Mercury. I usually avoid it like the plague and opt for club Noc Noc instead. But I went to hang out with sweetestkiss and ended up having an absolutely fabulous time!

Dressing for the Mercury is tricky though because in spite of the no smoking in clubs law in Washington, the Mercury still allows it (they were issued a warning once but for the most part the city opts to let them allow smoking). So when going there you have to be careful not to wear anything dry clean only, because it will stink like smoke when you leave the club. And all of my pretty sheer, lace, flowy type clothes hold up best when they are dry cleaned (water can permanently wrinkle some sheer fabrics). So I ended up wearing my rhinestone bra and lots of PVC.

I ran into lots of friends and folks I know that I hardly ever get to see. It was so wonderful to get to talk to them and hug them and chat! And the music was WAY better than Noc Noc. I danced and danced and danced until my body felt like it couldn't dance anymore. And then I just kept dancing anyway until I could feel the muscles in my back actually shaking. And the compliments...oh my...I had forgotten what it's like to get those kinds of compliments at a club! Some one told me I was the most beautiful woman in the club. And I didn't hear it just from guys, but from girls as well. After having to give up those beautiful extensions that made me feel so feminine and beautiful, it meant the world to me to be told so many times how beautiful I was. One girl couldn't stop telling me all night, and she swore up and down that she wasn't gay or bi!

On the way to the car after the club, I got one more boost. Two gothy alternative looking guys were heading toward me and as they approached and passed me, one said to the other: "See Nick, that's the last hot goth girl in Seattle."


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