Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

What I didn't know about cruises

I've been doing some cruise research and here is the tiny little windowless cheap room I will be staying in:

My original thought was, oh hell no. I spoke with the gal that books the cruises and told her I would gladly pay the extra $700 for a room with a window (even if the view is "partially obstructed" by lifeboats and such). Mostly because without some hint of natural daylight, you don't know if you're waking up in the day or night. Oh sure you have a clock. But who wants to feel like they are staying in a windowless box? The gal that books these cruises told me to save the $700 for the excursions.

Excursions? What the hell are excursions!? It turns out when the ship gets to the ports, you can pay for all the fun things to do at the ports rather than just wonder around on your own. The prices range anywhere from $35 for a guided tour to $200 for a plane ride with amazing views or a dog sled ride. I'm all about the dog sled ride!!!! I would much rather invest the money in some fantastic once in a lifetime experiences rather than a window in my room.

But the next cruise after this one will be for my honeymoon. And for sure we'll get this deluxe suite with the private veranda (just about $1,500 extra):

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