Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Are homeless people psychic?

I had the strangest experience. I was walking into the natural food market where they often have a homeless person selling a publication called "Real Change" (the publication is donated to the homeless to help them raise money). The man said to me, "I love your hair."

I hear this every day about the blue extensions. In my mind I was thinking I wish I wasn't about to give them up on Thursday as I replied, "Thank you!"

Then he said with a smile, as if reading my mind, "Never give them up!"

Did the universe just speak to me through a homeless man? I don't WANT to give them up dammit! And I probably can afford the $1,800 a year it would cost to have them maintained. But damn, that money could be put to better use. I could use it on my trips to Alaska. Or it could pay for an entirely separate vacation. No matter how much I love them and how many compliments I get day in and day out and how much pleasure they seem to bring to other people too, can I really justify $1,800 a year on my hair!?

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