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socks and cat

How do I do this on MySpace?

Is there a way on MySpace to send an e-mail out to everyone on your friends list? I know about bulletins, but I don't want to do it as a bulletin. I need it to be a mass e-mail to everyone. Is this possible?


Awww, she's such a cute little hacker

That's what a bulletin is on myspace. It doesn't generate the "you have a new message" alert that you desire but that's exactly what they didn't want to let you do so if you want to bypass their spam prevention policies you need to use automation software ;) I looked into it once but then decided it was more work and/or money then I cared about.

Here's an example:

Not quite sure what the legal status is on even using this software to do what you're asking though (Washington has some pretty tough anti-spam laws).