Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Buh bye beautiful hair

I've been thinking about it and thinking about it and I'm pretty sure I'm going to give up the hair extensions in about a week. I love them madly. I mean I feel like I'm different and unique on the inside and the blue/green hair lets everyone see that on the outside. And I love/adore/relish the way it feels when I dance. But they last a different amount of time on different people and apparently on me they start to drop as soon as I hit the 2 month mark. They are outrageously expensive and I was willing to pay it every 3 months. But every 2 months? I feel guilty doing that when I could be using that money for my trips to Alaska this year.

If I have them taken out, I'm going to do this with my hair again:

Then leave it blonde for a couple months before I get sick of it, and then color the blonde parts sonic green again. To make up for missing the hair extensions, I'm going to have some custom dread falls made by the gal I was raving about in December. That will probably cost half as much as extensions and last a year longer. I see lots of custom falls in my future since I can't find what I want online (stuff that stays on when you're upside down on a pole) or in stores. And falls are cheaper than getting new extensions every 2 months.

I will certainly miss getting compliments every day from random strangers. Everyone really liked my blue/green hair. But it drives me nuts trying to maintain it and I need low maintenance hair.

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