Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

My dream will come true this year

For some reason this morning I was thinking of the Neale Donald Walsch cruise to Alaska I wanted to go on 2 years ago. A cruise to Alaska has been a lifelong dream for me. And Neale Donald Walsch is the author of books that have had more effect on me and my life than any other. The combination was a dream come true. But at the time it just didn't seem reasonable financially. It pained me so much to pass on the chance to have my dream cruise and be able to spend time with my favorite author.

So since this cruise was just on my mind, I decided to take a look at his website today. Low and behold, there is another cruise scheduled for this Summer. My first thought was that it would be impossible as it would interfere with my classes. But just in case, I checked the dates of the classes for all of 2008. Much to my shock, the cruise just happens to fall on the week off between sessions. What are the chances of that!?

My accountant also told me that the quarterly taxes I have paid for the last 3 quarters may just cover my entire year of taxes and I won't have to pay all of what I saved for taxes. So you know that special savings account where I put 25% of everything the business makes into so I can pay my taxes? Yeah, that one. There is a VERY likely chance there will enough in there after I pay taxes to pay for this cruise I have been dreaming of all my life.

I needed something to lift my spirits right now, something to look foward to. The Universe has spoken.

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