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I flip for the pole!

The instructor for my private session today was Terry. I chose her because I heard she was was the best at pole. Before we attempted the upside down trick I had her go over all my previous pole lessons. She had improvements for them all! I was't pivoting and falling back in a relaxed stance when I was doing the half-pint backward spin. She taught me some head flipping accents to go with the one handed firefly. And apparently I was doing the ballerina move all wrong. I can't believe none of the other teachers could teach me the way Terri did. It's all about wrapping the back of the ankle instead of the back of the knee and just letting go and twirling down the pole with your knees falling to the floor. I suddenly went from doing the most awkward ballerina spin to a graceful, sensual ballerina.

I also learned that when you land on your knees from a pole trick, to get up from the floor in a provocative way you can do the cat crouch in reverse and go forward instead of backward. This will put you flat on your stomach and you can roll sensually over onto your back and rise in a move called the goddess. Yeah, I know this is all jargon to you. But for me these are valuable reminders (and by valuable I mean $150 an hour kind of valuable).

She had all kinds of accents, head flips and twists and turns from her knees (after he pole spin landing) that made every trick that much more beautiful and sensual. When it was time to show her my pole climb she made me do it without the PVC boots I rely on to grip the pole. Without them the climb is quite painful. I also learned that I'm getting pole burn on my inner thighs because I was relying on my thighs to hold me up on the pole when in fact I should rely on my arms to hang from. She said relying on your thighs works well for larger girls with thicker thighs. It was from Terri that I learned that pole tricks are taught differently to heavy girls as their weight is distributed differently. Unfortunately I don't know those variations. So as I teacher I will have to limit my classes to thinner and medium size girls.

And then came the moment of truth! She demonstrated the upside down move, basically grabbing the pole and taking a step forward and flipping her legs up over her head and wrapping them around the pole. As I grasped the pole and contemplated the impossibility of what she had just done, I said "I can't do this." God was I scared! Have you ever leaped into the air and flipped your legs up over your head!? You don't know how you'll land!

Remembering my resolve to do this even if it killed me (literally) I gave it a try. I think the secret to learning any art is to not be afraid to do it poorly at first. Just do it, perfect it later. My first attempt was pathetic and I couldn't get both legs around the pole. But an amazing thing happened, I suddenly learned at that moment that I could in fact flip my legs up over my head! After that I did it! And did it again...and again...and again! I coudn't get enough of it! Kitten can hang upside down from a stripper pole! Woooo-hoooooo!!!!!

Without even my asking she continued the lesson and taught me the most beautiful backward pole arch EVER!! And a fun little leg around the pole bend forward accent to end the firefly move with. Oh yes! I am a happy woman!!!

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