Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

My rates just went up over $100 per month

For those that have never purchased their own medical insurance and don't know how it works, your monthly premiums are based on your age. So every 4 years your rates go up. Mine just went up from $227 a month to $330 per month. While it gives me office visits for $30 and has no deductible, it also only pays 70% of all other medical expenses and tests. So if the neurologist orders $3,000 worth of tests for me, I have to pay $900. Yeah, some insurance. Trust me, I've shopped around. This is the most affordable plan for my age range. But in 4 more years my monthly premiums will go up to over $400.

My other option is switching to a "catastrophic" plan which would only cost $185 per month (for my age range) but have a $3,000 deductible. Plans like this are great if you just want something in case of ER visits or unexpected but expensive injuries or illnesses (and you don't mind paying $3,000 of it). I thought I might switch to that this year, but I might wait until the rates go up again in 4 years.

It's just sad that my health insurance is half as much as my rent now. I sure hope we end up with a Democrat in office next time around so that the cost of health care will become an important national issue again. There are too many low income people without health insurance and there are too many other people who want to be self employed or start businesses who probably can't do so without giving up health insurance.

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