Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Yeap, I'm a fake hair addict alright

I am falling in love with my new hair all over again. This last Monday I went back in to see the gal who did the extensions since she offers free repairs in the first 30 days. By then 5 of them had slipped off, including the infamous one that came off during a stripping demonstration during one of my classes. Now they are all replaced and she showed me how to separate them since my extensions were a bit too clumped together by the time I came in.

The compliments continue from strangers just about everywhere I go. Two people in the waiting room of the neurologist's office told me they "loved" my hair. Strangers in the mall, in the coffees shop, at PCC (local market), on the streets, etc. compliment my hair. I'm convinced it's because the blue green is so vibrant and so rare. She orders her hair from Switzerland, so it's possible that no one else in all of Seattle, maybe even the country, has this hair color. And that feels pretty special. I also did a few extra hair toss moves while out dancing last night and it made me feel absolutely fabulous because of the length and movement of it flying around me. And we also discovered that my hair glows under blacklight. :)

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