Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage


My lovely instructors in training met me at the notary this afternoon and we signed the contracts. Training begins Sunday night. This is truly an exciting time for me.

I may not know quite what I'm doing as far as organizing and presenting the teacher training material, but I am incredibly proud of the class content I will be sharing with with them. There are three styles of pole dance instruction and I am one of the few pole schools in the entire country offering all three.

Some schools like the famous S Factor teach pole dance from a pyschological perspective, using improv and meditation and psychological techniques to help women let go of their inner critic and self judgment so they can tap into and unleash their true sensuality instead of just trying or or pretending to be sexy by doing a bunch of pole moves. Other schools are based purely on stripper moves and teaching women how to do pole tricks and naughty moves like a stripper. And only a handful of schools use the new pole safety methods endorsed by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. I am one of the few schools in the country that combines all three of these. This makes my classes not only unique, but beneficial to all three kinds of pole dance school clients:

1. The ones that are doing it for fitness and are looking to build strength and flexibility while having so much fun they don't ever feel like they are working out
2. The ones that may never dance for anyone but themselves and are learning this to feel more confident, beautiful and empowered in their everyday lives
3. The ones that want to dance in a way that will please a partner or spice up their relationships

I can meet the needs of all three of these kinds of clients in one class. It took me years of training and thousands of dollars to learn and develop this and I'm both scared and excited about sharing it with my new instructors!

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